The great Mumbaiyya divide

So this is my second post after resurgence…and I am goint o talk about my routine stuff for awhile..

I was at the HO today…reached around 8.40 to find only the security and one other admin guy. Finished with the campus interviews by 4 p.m. and left for churchgate station. I get so lost in the south bombay area. I still can’t make out the difference between Churchgate and VT station or CST as its called now. And all the lanes are so curvy and open at huge similar looking structures. I am so not a Mumbaiyya.

Anyway…while I was on my way to the station i got a call from Pragya. I could not have been any happier. Quickly inquired about each others locations and decided to meet at churchgate station.

Went to Mocha had something to eat and drink and then left. Came to the station and met another batchmate Shri.

And then, hopped on to a 6:48 Fast Borivili. Damn was that place crowded or what? I had to stick my head out to breathe. Felt like a squishy-squashy pulpy worm.

There was so much to talk to pragya about…felt like an entire day would not have been enough. She is going back to Delhi on 31st and I can meet her only after i come back from work..which is somewhere after 7.30 pm. And its not possible for her to come after that.

Ok so the point I am trying to make from the title of this post is that …though we were standing next to each other…we could hardly speak. I could barely see her. And as I am not blessed with a towering personality I had to bear the caress of the long lustrous hair( of the female standing in front of me) on my face. AND as pragya is not a blessed soul either we both resigned to each others fate and stood there like the twisted bark of a tree.

Thats when i realised…though we were hardly a few inches away from each other we couldn’t even look at each other forget about talking and discussing anything!

And sometimes…though you havn’t met someone yet you share so much with them that your entire life seems impossible without their presence!

Miss you SillyBaby!



One thought on “The great Mumbaiyya divide

  1. Ha! Welcome to Mumbai and its mad crowds and the trains of course!!! One tip…Churchgate station doesn’t look half as impressive as VT (or CST). CST/VT is the one with those huge plastic-looking tube-like subways coming right out of it and there’s a MacDonald’s across the road. Churchgate is the one closer to the sea. Any time you need directions or specific info on the trains network, give us a shout!

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