Whooooshhhh….blow away the dust!

Was going through the lot of unread mails in one of my gmail accounts. Yeh I have a handful of email accounts, out of which I use only gmail frequently now. Ok so as I was going through the unread mails decided would leaf through all the mails instead of the unread only-so eventually i scraped thorugh read, unread, new, old ALL of them. A gradual click by click movement through the inbox kept unfolding the moments, stories, professional correspondence, altercations shared with the entire network of friends, bloggers and acquaintances and also quite a few romantic snippets shared with TD (ofcourse a major chunk of that remains guarded in the yahoo IM :D ).A whole lot of CoS (Center of Significance- oh called it so for the want of a better word that would describe the moments, people, contexts that have been significant in every phase of my life.Be it momentary or long lasting. Lol…CoS is so like a typical MBA. Jargon Fetish!!!!! Ok so the CoS that I indentified would be:

  • Oprah – This was when i was home after graduation and was a devoted audience to her talk shows at 2p.m every weekday. Felt like an Ultra modern chick and so empowered ;).Yuppp guys laugh it out. But I was very ignorant then. But yes, that does not disocunt her good work though. She is quite a self contained lady and i really admire her for that. Well was so impressed was i that i joined her book club – The Oprah Book Club.not that i did much after that. After sometime and till date it has just crammed my inbox and those are left untouched with the entire inbox page glaring with those dark black mails indicating unread new msgs.
  • Job Sites – This indicated the phase when I was through with my first year of MBA and was already beginning to get anxious about getting a good job. Considering that i don’t belong to the IIM cadre i had to but obviously be a lill more worried than an IIM grad for a decent paying job . So while i was preparing for my Summer internship presentation i was also scouting for the kind of vacancies available in the market (yupp thats how we talk about the jobs and their supposed dealing space -The corporate Sector).
  • TD – This was the most cherished phase of my life. A void that can never be filled by anything or anyone. A complete dream-like existence i had then. Though TD is no more- in my life and otherwise, time spent with him will be treasured by me forvever. No matter how dream-like it was, You were my poison Silly Baby!!!
  • Rupsi aka Rupal Patel- Woah!!!! This was like a phase that i can very safely put in the category of the Stone Age. Lol this was when i refused to grow up and got all wild and cheesy about my crush on Brett Lee!!(Oh no no…u got me right.It IS Brett LEE…dnt think just cuz i was 20 i would have been sensible.Nope….i was head over heels in love with Brett!!!! And Rupsi aka Rupal was one of my friends from the online Brett Lee fan fraternity :D.
  • Vinayak – This one falls in the second year of my MBA just before the placements could begin. He was my pune friend’s colleague.
  • Placement Cell – Oh being a late entrant in the placement cell… i was filling up for S and SP as they both fell ill. So the mail box has correspondences exchanged with the companies and the students.
  • PGDBA batchmates – Yeah…this was like just one of the small reminders of some great association shared with few PGDBA students.
  • Pranav– The Blogger friend – This was before i joined my MBA and had come across his blog…wasnt a very regular reader of his blog. Though a comment on one of his posts got him msgng me on IM at 2.30 in the morning. And ofcourse this was when i had nothing to do but be awake all night!!!! Though its been almost 2 yrs now since i heared anything from him.
  • Unkymoods – Oh…this was when i had just begun blogging and had one of the graphics from this site put up on my blog to represent my Confuzzled self. Had registered through this gmail id.
  • Abhishek -My DPS batchmate – we were school friends.Found him through orkut. He is the moderator for one of the DPS community.Exchanged a lot of emails before i finally met him in mumbai when he had come here for his training.
  • Arijit Dasgupta – My roomie’s bro – Another acquaintance from my roomates in pune. We are in touch on and off even today.
  • Vendy (my pune hostel friend) – A few mails shared with her after she shifted base to US after her marriage
  • Pallavi (my KV-NTPC batchmate) – A classic case of lost and found and lost again. We meet accidently on orkut after some 7 yrs. Since my dad belongs to the para military force i have changed a lot schools.So we did have an exchange of few emails of discovering and rediscovering each other and then for some reason lost touch again.
  • Moko – the constant in my life...a few mails from her after she went back to South Africa after finishing her grads. MAils during this phase from her were like having her back after a deadening silence.
  • Milind Sir (my summers project guide) – Few official mails sent to his id from my gmail id(only cuz interns wernt given a dedicated Outlook id) during my internship with worked-reworked excel sheets!
  • Starred job vacancy mails-Again a supplement to the earlier JobHunting phase.
Oh boy those were so many CoS’s and so many chapters in my life. Some of the chapters were clsoed for good…but today as i went through those mails i felt the urge to msg all of them and reconnect with them. Had sent a mail to Rupal and have got a reply already. Feels so good to be able to know that people who meant so much once and who were lost over time but are safe now and happy and prospering and so alive and kicking!!!! With so much changing for them and so much changing for me.
Its like beginning a new chapter again, but…. with the old characters and a new story line.

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