Taare gardish mein…

What a waste of time it was today. For the past two days I have been carrying my personal laptop to the office. Only cuz I had to get it fixed at the service centre in BKC(Bandra Kurla Complex). And for the past two days its been getting unluckier by every second. Firstly its a real task to get into the office bus with that loaded bag( considering the fact that the driver has come straight out of a flying school. So waiting for us minions to get in safely is like asking Shah Rukh to stop stealing chicks from the less Chirkut and humble guy in the flick). So as I say that its a pain to get into the bus with that laptop bag..its a further torturous task to wait at the security gate in that friggin queue to get a pass for the laptop just so that I dnt look like a laptop stealer while exiting the office premises at 5.30p.m.

But no this is not what I am pissed off at! I was pissed off at the supposed fear factor engulfing the city cuz of the arrest of the supposed role model Mr Raj Thackrey. (Ok if any of the Raj supporter is reading this please understand that I decided not to be ignorant to one of the fundamental rights listed in the Indian constitution- Freedom of Speech!!!) So please do not pardon me if i have hurt your maharashtrian sentiments!
Note: I am a maharashtrian myself- That too a 96 K :D)

So getting back to why I was pissed. Both these days i couldn’t go to BKC cuz my frantic relatives and family members decided to psyche me out with the terror attacks and riots that the MNS might belt out. Just like how a rockstar would belt out the choicest of tracks!!!! As a result of which I was coming back home in that Airbus 5340 (btw thats my office bus no!) with my cumbersome laptop for two consecutive days.

And finally of all the days when Raj Thackery went back home with a short film screened at the vikhroli court everything seemed normal. I finally took the office bus for Andheri so that i could get down at Kalanagar and then head off to BKC. But no…how could things be so smooth and sans any kahani mein twist????? Not very surprisingly this bus driver seemed to be from the same flying school batch that of the driver of the Airbus 5340. So as he was trying to speed up the aircraft another truckwala decided to ram into our bus at the sion hospital turn!!!!!!!! AND yours truly was sitting in the seat that was the epicentre of this quake. So after a 15 mins long traffic jam and from the signal turning green and then red and then green and then red…and the two pilots hurling abuses at each other…we took off again for our destination.

I finally get down at kalanagar and take an auto for BKC…called up Just Dial to get the exact address of the IBM service centre and finally reached the IL&FS building. So while I was struggling to manage the dupatta AND the cellphone AND the MP3 Player AND the purse AND the laptop bag, I entered into the first gate and the security at the gate says..Hello madam…idhar se nahi udhar se...and points to his left…that entrance was supposedly only for cars…ok so STILL STRUGGLING with the gadgets and the dupatta i reach another gate and walk in desperately trying to think of when will i reach the office and get the bag off my shoulders…and there goes another hellloooo….again the security at this gate with his crooked face tells me…udhar se….and i look at his left and wonder …kya udhar se…kyun udhar se..idhar se kyun nahi!!!?!?!?!?!?!? But was in no mood to get into an argument so walked out looking for that Gateway to IBM…..so after walking a few steps i reach another entrance..the main entrance of IL&FS…and i see that the wooden frame that is meant for frisking prospective terror elements stands magestically with a metallic board over it reading…Please declare your laptop, camera etc at the gate!!!! I am like wot on earth does that mean?? if one is supposed to declare the laptop at the entrance wot does one take to the service centre then??? Anyway…so i went to the guy standing at the entrance and he says where are u going Madam…i say i want to give my laptop for servicing at the IBM service centre…he looks at me a little amused and then there comes the clincher!!! He says…”but the service centre is closed now….its open from 9.30 to 5.30 in the evening”….and i go WTF!!!!!!!?!?!!? Thwarted by my luck i decide to try one last time…so asked the guy hoping that he says otherwise…asked him Is the service centre open on saturdays( as i can leave work only at 5.30. everyday and i would not be able to come to the service centre on time.) So hoping against hope i wait for him to answer and after an expectant gaze i get to hear…”no its open only on weekdays”. There i go again…cursing my lucky stars :-X….and thinking of when do i take an off so that i can get this lil baby of mine to the doc and be able to blog in peace after its fixed!

Finally tired and exhausted i take a rick back home listening to Dj Sickpuppy’s SDP3 house track…

Btw…one of the guy in the bus had a brilliant comment sprouting out his poor sense of humour..According to him..the bus and the truck brushed against each other BECAUSE…Its Valentines DAY!?!?!??!!? :-o

Hmmmmmmmmmmm……nevermind…Happy Valentines Day to you all!


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