Colourful times

Splashes of water and blaring music have been my weaknesses for don’t know how long. And combine this with a festival of unrestrained fun and that should make me the happiest person on the face of this earth. Its holi today and I can only feel thrilled and excited about the wild times I’ve had on this day.

Some of the best Holi days I Would say belong to my graduation and post grad years. It was the second year of graduation in pune and we were a group of 5 roommates. I used to stay in Hanumannagar close to Symbiosis and in around that area there were hundreds of paying guests and apartments occupied by students. So no doubt holi was one of the most vibrant and crazy days. Around 8.30 all of us woke up to the shouts of holi hai. We all ran to the balcony and found the bunch of familiar faces staying two blocks away. They all were waiting for us to join them. After some 15 mins we joined the group and began our customary stops to every house collecting people in the group and smearing their faces with gulal and water.Festivals are the times when whether you know someone or not you just get together to revel in the good times and spirit of the festival.

Holi without dance and music was absolutely unthinkable. So we all decided to head to Ganga Retreat for a rain dance treat. Quickly everybody arranged for the cash and left for the party. And do I need to elaborate, the music was just right. From Jai Jai shiv shankar to, Rang barse to Babuji. We had a blast. And holi without bhang would have been a crime. A few gulps and we all were set to rock for the day. Around 2.30 all were feeling famished so we left the party to grab a quick bite and then head home to get cleaned up. We were so tired from all the dancing and yelling. When we all reached home while we were awaiting our turn for the bathroom to be available, I go,” D I know you think I am drunk but I am not drunk” and then I kept laughing. And then at regular intervals I kept repeating it and bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

So finally after we all got cleaned up and I had a laugh to my heart’s content we all decided to take a small nap to ease out our tired bodies. Around 7 when we all woke up we had a hazy feeling in our heads and felt so sleepy. Not just that we were all feeling hungry again. So we got ready and left for dinner at Koyla. It had just opened then in pune so thought it to be a good try. After an elaborate dinner we all went to S’s place where the entire gang from college had gathered and we stayed up all night chatting, drinking and eating (yeah eating was a mode of entertainment for all of us).

Those were the times when little moments spent with friends would set everything right for you. Today all of us are in different states or cities busy with our jobs but an occasional phone call or SMS would always find us discussing the good times we shared.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi.


One thought on “Colourful times

  1. wow yar ! watta a blast u had in ur college days…really fantastic..tis time i didnt play holi but after readg ur blog i felt like i wish i was a part of ur gang

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