Weekend Playlist

Music is my addiction.

Earphones are plugged into my ears for at least 6-8hrs a day i.e. for 1 hr while I am on my way to work and for 1.20 mins on my way back till I step foot in the house. And then from 8 pm to 12.30 am or till I sleep. And sometimes if am not loaded with work and have some lighter stuff to do then probably for an hr at work.

Most of the times its to keep myself under check. I listen to all kinds of songs from bollywood to ghazals, rock to house, trance to lounge. Depending on how I feel I choose my playlist which is of course how its done by everyone. So, if I feel angry I listen to heavy metal. If I feel that I am ready to scrape through yet another day I listen to club music or peppy bollywood tracks. If I feel I am not ready yet to meet the demands for the day, I switch to house or lounge. When I sense that I need some plugging out from the chaos around I just keep the player on full volume and let some instrumental play in loop. Words of any sorts are the least I want to reverberate in my eardrums then. Be it coming from the player or a person! I let the music just come out from the earphones and then get back to do my usual work without trying to feel the rhythm. Its like any other sound wave keeping me from getting distracted by the chaos outside. It shuts me up into a restricted world of my own.

And so I walk through distances, complete the chores, complete my tasks, ignore the chatter of the crowd, make it through halting times and get carried into the warmth of the night.

This weekend its the instrumental of Jashn -E- bahara playing in the loop…


3 thoughts on “Weekend Playlist

  1. So am i addicted but yes I have got an excellent way to escape from the wordly tantrums…thanx for the inspiration!!!

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