Wired bundle

eM’s this post got me thinking about love and relationships.

Towards the end of her post she talks of the people she loved so much but who didn’t want to be loved. Odd yet worth a thought in that recluse moment in relationships. Wonder if its true only for a romantic relationship or even for a relationship that warrants give and take of emotions.

There are those who’d ready themselves to go through all the hurt , know the degree of fading they will have to allow of their personal boundaries, the sharing of flare ups and hitting below the belt, and would yet want to venture into the unpredictable waters of togetherness.

And then there are those who listen to the ache pouring out yet feel unflurried, who watch the unfolding of care, concern, anxiety, sacrifices, compromises and thoughtful gestures and yet stand like a monolith carved of the emotionless mechanics of their mind.

There are those who knock off their defenses and widen their space to let the loved one in to blanket all their fears and insecurities and then there are those who let the walls get firm around them to wait for the right person to come and break those fortified walls and , who’ll show that they care enough to patiently sail through the troughs and crests of their emotions and yet extend their unconditional presence for them.

If only I knew why I was randomizing about this…


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