This is my third attempt in 3 days at writing a post…and then erasing it…


De-addiction is an addiction in itself!


I had a large vodka today.


I read Ishani’s blog today..but haven’t commented on it yet…like reading her stuff…been reading for a long time..yrs i suppose but never really commented anytime..may be won’t…may be will…guess i will..


Ideasmithy is amazing…inspires,surprises and remains around always! Smithy if you are reading this, (which I know you are and which is why I am writing this) but I’ld still like to think that you aren’t so that it makes me look a little less expressive.


I need a vacation.


I am happy with the way my hair is growing…probably the first time I would have had it grown beyond my shoulder..


I am crazy about S. But sadly he says “Tere mein gf type interest nahi hai mera”…*siggggggggggggghhhh*

Silly…but I still drool over him…a freak of the highest order!!! muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


I need change!

i NEED change!!

i need CHANGE!!!


I eat a whole pack of Britannia Pure Magic biscuits and JIM-JAM biscuits everyday while working.


I feel lost when I have trouble logging into Gmail.


I feel guilty of not feeling passionate about my GoGear MP3 player ever since i got the new N81.


I spoke to a ‘known stranger ‘(an old blogger cum online friend) today for the first time in the last 4 yrs. Dint expect and dint want to but still did.


Shut up.


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