This is real madness. Posts in quick succession?!?!?! Nevermind.

There is this house track playing on my player right now. Its one of those tracks which run into hours of blissful, becalming yet turbulent, almost psychosis inducing state. You just need to have a good pair of headphones with a good bass that can capture every beat, a quiet place with darkness and a desire to surrender. And then do nothing but just let the music spin you around virtually in a state of high sans any substance.

Just go through every beat and through the troughs and crests in the tempo mindlessly like a wanderer.Like a spec in the blazing wind. Sucked in.Flung across with throbbing energy. Bruised. Yearning with a splitting want to lose the mind. Give away all that clutters  the mind and let the music take you along. Break open, drop the guards of charade and move along the sensuous waves that your body threatens to experience.

There is nothing better than a satiating dose of house music on your way to work and entering the space and switching on the work station and slowly letting go off the madness with a mind full of clarity. The same goes when you are on your way back. Takes away all the fagged out feelings.

Pick up a Baltimore Zoo and team it with a smoke.

Mmmmmmmm.Pure Pleasure.

Take me in

Take me in