..and you bleed just to know you are alive

Sometimes one doesn’t say things because they solicit any response. But its said only to let it out. There was no desperate plea for emotional reciprocation but only an attempt to vent out what could have otherwise ripped apart my hold on my mind.Sometimes you have to cut yourself to let out the muck and heal the wound. But that does not mean you are hurting yourself by letting the wound bleed.

Sometimes one may not cry because they are weak but only because they don’t want to turn weak due to the bottling up.

Some wishes hold the charm only when they are a wish.

Sometimes one may not hope to see the hope turning to reality but only to revel in the imagination of how would it seem if it did.

So if that’s what turned the pages then lots is left unsaid and unclear as i don’t feel i am free yet. I am still bound to those empty words. You had the right to your choice. But so did I. I too had the right to move out of it dignified and not with a contempt for self.

Didn’t I?

It can’t be just a click of the phone!