Some things never change.

  • Like, I will never stop stuffing my office bag with books.
  • Like, Mom will never stop insisting that I drink milk.
  • Like, I will never cover my phone or MP3 player with a secure covering to protect it from damage or scratches.
  • Like, H will never stop calling me to check if the office bus has left the stop while he is already walking towards the bus stop. He seems to be late always and I have to stop the bus for him and endure the angry looks of the bus monitor.Hmph!!!
  • Like, the guy living in the 19 no building will always emerge running out of the building gate and would run straight to the bus stop to catch his bus. He does that every day! AND he gets the bus too!
  • Like, the guy living in 22 no building will always and mind you always walk up late to the bus stop, and make that routine call to his other colleague from the bus stop  to check if the bus has left. Though he knows that it has left but he still has to call. And once the call is done, he will look around to see if anyone noticed him and that stupid embarrassed grin on his face before he walks up to take a rickshaw.
  • Like, I will never step out of the house without my MP3 player and headphones. And if I did I will go back to get it, even if it means I get late or I miss the bus or whatever it is that I was going to do.
  • Like, my sister will never stop bugging me.
  • Like, my other friend SS will never stop obsessing over how dramatic her life is.
  • Like, I never stop obsessing over the wrong things and wrong people. They may not be necessarily wrong generally but would be for me.
  • Like, I can never cancel my plans only because of the unavailability of others. If its planned it has to happen. Even if it means going on to a concert alone or going to a movie alone or going to dinner alone!!!! Ok strange I know.
  • Like, I never take a leave when I plan that I want to take it. So invariably I end up going to work every time  I decide to bunk. And then I do it on impulse when my team members least expect it. And if you are wondering..No..i don’t forsake my job responsibilities :)
  • Like, my temper. There seems no possibility of any improvement here.
  • Like, I can’t stop listening to songs in a loop. The default option in my MP3 player is Repeat Song.
  • Like, I can’t resist chocolate.
  • Like, I can’t stay at home on weekends.
  • Like, I can’t stop obsessing over certain things and when I get those, I can’t stop loathing them.
  • Like, I can’t stop talking when I start and no one can get me to talk if I am not in the mood.
  • Like, I will never publish a post and not make a zillion additions, deletions, changes to it after its published.

Listening to: The album Boond by Jal.


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