Its ok to express sometimes…

Messages written for me by my colleagues

These were the messages written for me by my colleagues for the “Make a Difference this New Year” thing that happened today at work. It was to act as an opportunity to write personal messages for each other for the coming new year and thank each other for anything that we felt was a very thoughtful act on their part. Got messages from unexpected corners. It was really nice to get those.


Flawless songs. Songs from the movie Luck By Chance scored by the trio Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy are really really worth a buy for all. Brilliant lyrics by Javed Akhtar and really soulful songs by the trio.

Listening to: O Rahi Re

Aasaniyan mil sakti hain tujhko zamaane se
Par zara yeh bata
Jeena hai kya yun tujhe
Aazadiyan tu payega khud ko hi paane se
Phir bata koi darr mehsus ho kyun tujhe
Hoga tera hi yeh faisla

Aasaniyan, Aazadiyan
Bol tera hai kaun sa rasta
Rahi re
Oh rahi re, kisiko nahi hai pata
Rahi re

O rahi re, kahan jaa raha hai bata

First day First show on 23rd :) Guess that is when its releasing.


4 thoughts on “Its ok to express sometimes…

  1. Oh yes yes…
    I have just realized lately that i like everything about him..:D Especially his nickname ..Paloo Gelo…got to knw abt it on Oye Its Friday…

  2. that’s his nickname aaah i didn’t know that.
    he’s cute, he’s smart, he has a great body (remember the shower scene in Rock On!), he directs awesome movies, he sings, he acts, he’s funny – heh. some people have too much i tell you.

  3. Ohhh-ooooo-yesssss!!!
    i remember tht shower scene..yummylicious…:D :D
    btw he was teased paloo gelo by his wife when they were kids…(dint knw they were childhood sweethearts) he does not knw wot paloo means but gelo means pagal in parsi…hmmm..Paloo Gelo…Farhan a Gelo :D

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