Today was very musical. All thanks to my colleague R. He got a loaded CD of the coolest retro songs. I totally freaked out when I saw those songs. Not that I couldn’t have got those songs from anywhere else but they just didn’t seem so visible in the immediate memory of the to-be-downloaded list. Slid away somewhere into the archives. As I kept going through the list of songs I could see blurred images of the good old times snapping quickly like a slideshow. Some with a black and white tone and some with coloured, smudged edges. Memories of ordinary, routine days or happy, celebrating times. Memories with family, friends at school or even at the hostel in college. Every song had some or the other bit of those wonder years coming back. Coming back with a smile.

Modern Talking holds more memories of my childhood.

Cheri Cheri Lady

In Goa. Evenings when dad used to come back from work and he would turn on the deck and go about doing his work.Just the memory of dad doing his work, mum in the kitchen and my sis out playing. Carefree days. Full of bliss.

Brother Louie

In Goa. Similar evenings when dad would come back from work, switch on the deck and I would start dancing and stamping my feet, swinging my arms, and bobbing my head. The deck used to be placed high up on the wall on one of those wooden stands to hold them up. So my usual way of dancing was to look up at that Sharp brand silver deck with two big blue speakers and those 4 small round buttons to adjust the volume, tuning, bass, treble and one big one to adjust the radio tuning and those grey snapping controls to play, stop, pause, rewind, forward and record. I used to always look up at the deck and dance like it was my partner in the mindless swinging. So it was me staring at the deck and then dad joining me midway, lifting me up and dancing with me in his arms. I must have been 4 then. Baada oui oui I sang it…

Michael Jackson oops Mikaeel Jackson – We are the world

Standard four.Annual day. Long practice sessions. After school practice. Stage performance. A whole group of some 50 odd kids sang this song during our Annual Day when I was in 4th std. All the kids split into pairs. Each dressed in colourful clothes from different cultures to symbolise unity and togetherness, singing We are the world. In between me and Rohini(my partner, we were the South Indians with pretty sarees) exchange glances with each other while our lips curve and twist and mouth the lyrics and form into a grin. My pic from the performance has me and Rohini staring at each other. While Sonal looks on wondering what secret coversation we were having on stage.

Kenny Loggins – Footloose

A cute boy. Amazing Dancer. Inter Collegiate Dance competition. My friend was part of a dance troupe for the inter collegiate dance competition during grads. So this was the song for the dance. The cute boy, I think his name began with I, was also the choreographer. He was from Calcutta I suppose. Cute really cute. Amazing dancer. A real treat to watch. I used to accompany my friend to the practice sessions and I could kill to be in his arms. Just to be swirled and swayed and swept away off my feet the way he did to her. Those teasing explores of the waist and those intertwined fingers and that cute cute really cute boyish smile he had with those sparkling whites. Superb footwork and swift movements. Mushy mushy.

Dirty Dancing – She is like the wind, Hungry eyes, The time of my life, Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy breaky heart

Moko. Hostel. Moko. Hostel. College bunking. Late mornings. Gossip. These songs have more memories of life at the hostel with Moko. Waking up late after a really late night session of gossip and midnight munching. I can picture Moko smitten by Patrick Swayze and dancing to Time of my life. She singing Achy breaky heart in her half Indian half South African accent. Her knee length tresses slipping down her shoulders everytime she decides to make a dance move.

Spent all my time on my way back from work listening to Footloose and Cheri Cheri Lady. I could have jumped out onto the aisle and danced my way up and down it in the bus :)

Listening to: Cheri Cheri Lady :) Can’t get enough.

Off to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


2 thoughts on “Moooooozik

  1. I love all these songs.. in little ways they remind me of my chlidhood and some of them, i haven’t heard in years… especially Dirty Dancing and MJ. Remember MJ when he wasn’t so weird? I still love his music. Thank you so much for this post, you’ve set me off on this wave of nostalgia, and pleasant nostalgia at that.

  2. MJ has some really good songs to his credit but he fails to impress now..something in him is repelling…
    and yeah…m glad to have taken u down memory lane…those days were one of the best…btw the musical frenzy continues even now at work…:D
    R is being forced to be the DJ ;)

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