This post was written yesterday, published once, pulled out and now republished.


Gorging Mocca Mousse chunks from Fantasie. One of the best range of centered chocolates suiting my preference of bitter coffee.Recently discovered this nice little chocolate heaven around Marine Lines. Delectable range of chocolates. I am going cocoa shopping again.
Went to the alumni meet of my MBA institute yesterday. Met up old friends, batch mates, profs. Not a very indulging affair.
Was working on Sat because of a training programme. I didn’t have much to do but to check on the arrangements. Spent the entire day reading in the office library at the HO while supervising the training programme at intervals. I love the library. Superb view from the ceiling to floor glass windows opening out to the dockyard.
Thought of giving up blogging. Nothing unusual. Just one of those usual phases of boredom. I think I am going to continue this time for a fairly longer period than the last time.

Want the people of earth away from me for sometime. May be me, my MP3 player, few books, movies and a lot of, loooot of silence will be the perfect survival kit.

I want to turn back time to three years ago when I was uninhibited, sure and clear in my head.
Doing the Masakali dance :D
Laughed my head off while watching the Dandiya Task at roadies. Oouuuchhhhhhh!!!!!!! :D

I began reading The Minster’s Wife by Amaresh Misra. So far a very average book with a very average treatment on an equally average subject.


Listening to: O..Saya (Slumdong Millionaire)

Like the sudden rush of energy that comes listening to the song. Slow ascension in the beats like the swift labouring wheels of a local train. Cliched, but symbolic of the maddening pace of the  tireless lives in Mumbai.


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