World Wide Web

I love my phone. I love my phone. I love my phone.

Suddenly I have begun to notice the amazing things it can do for me. Its been almost 7 months since I got the black, slider N 81. Apart from the weighty issues and the good-for-nothing-but-only-outdoor-pics 2 megapixel camera, I suppose its a great phone to have. Dedicated music keys, brilliant N-gage gaming platform, Nokia Maps and the recently discovered internet browsing. Ok so may be I was a tad late to discover the power of internet browsing on the phone but what the heck!! Come on, I never felt particularly proud of my technical prowess anyway. So what different will it be this time.

So with a sudden realisation that the phone is a sophisticated gadget and a crazed curiosity (which seemed under wraps for the past 7 months) I began fidgeting with the applications in the phone and voila!! There it was. The familiar colours of Google sitting pretty on the screen. :) Is it just me or everyone feels a juvenile sense of excitement at the prospect of getting to surf, blog and chat on the phone at the very surge of impulse and without having to struggle with the almost defunct laptop???

So the first thing I did was to do a test run with a search on Google, then visiting the blog and then logging into Gmail. I was all smiles throughout. Really, its a very superwoman sort of a feeling when you can make use of gadgets AND really make use of it for its features and not just possess it. I tried clicking pictures of the phone with my blog page open. But that didn’t turn out to be very clear. Have posted it anyway.

My phone with my blog page

My phone with my blog page

Oh but yes, I do run the risk of a fat phone bill for all the convenience and techy indulgence. Never mind. I am the super cool techy woman :D Can you see me grinning with the grin extending all the way to my ears?? :D

Oh btw.. I just saw a colleague in some real Jhatang clothes (u know the bhaiya type fashion from UP kind of clothing).Light blue trousers (No not jeans. Trousers!!!) with a dark grey glossy shirt with white floral prints. What a ghastly combination. I am no authority on fashion. Sometimes I have had my faux pas moments too but dude… floral shiny shirt??? For work???On a light blue trouser??? Are we auditioning for OSO or going for a crazy themed party? I think he needs some serious training on business attire.


The Minister’s Wife is a horrid book. A sort of  weak literary adaptation of a sleazy movie.

Getting back to the to do list for today.


2 thoughts on “World Wide Web

  1. I am a tech retard and I can’t make casual things happen on my phone and computer.
    And trust me, your phone might be capable of doing so much more than just this. Keep exploring.

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