How convenient it would be if there was a gadget/software that could convert thoughts to text just like the speech to text software. Unlike the earlier few unsuccessful attempts at blogging, this time I really missed blogging and seeing a new post supercede the stale I-love-my-phone one. It was some sort of a hiatus, a break from myself.  Had been surviving on borrowed words,thoughts and wisdom since I last posted. So everytime I had a eureka moment or an idea for a post crossed my mind, I would itch to quickly type it out before I lost the feel of it. But most of the times I ended up posting nothing because the task of getting the laptop out of the shelf, plugging in the LAN, switching it on, logging in and then finally beginning to type didn’t seem so elusive. I wasn’t ready to hold on to the itch longer. Precisely because felt totally uninspired and a sudden dawn of inspiration went down instantly. However painstakingly it had decided to come.


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