Life in a Metro..

Is mod se jaate hain

Kuch susta kadam rastein

Kuch tez kadam rahein

Empty streets of Mumbai in the night

A late night drive on the streets of Mumbai brings out the wanderer in me. All I want to do is sit absorbed and enthralled – body & soul into nowhere. A yearning to drift into a strange periphery of promises, fulfillment and opportunities. A drive in your car or in a taxi, nothing compares to the swelling sense of freedom and wander lust. I belong to the para military background and have travelled far and wide. Hence, could never fathom of falling in love with any one place in particular. I may have memories and sweet nothings to think of from those various places but never did I feel that I would miss any city as I miss Mumbai whenever I get myself packed to a lesser diverse city. I still like to believe that I am way above the city and its temptations. Yet I crave for a sense of belonging and acceptance from this city. Feel a sort of affinity that comes from the sheer presence of the comfort in the discomfort while wading through a routine day. Like the many other first times, I never thought I’ll write a post on the city and its magnificence. But here I am, really genuinely putting disconnected words together about my experience. So guess I am becoming a Mumbaikar in the true sense. Agreeing to the fact that, The one who lives in Mumbai can’t live anywhere else and those who live outside Mumbai can’t live here.

No this post is not inspired by the luster of Slumdog Millionaire but, a late night drive from a party made me realise how happy a moment is the drive down the brightly lit streets. Refusing to tire or sleep. Awake and running into length.

Glamour. Moolah. High-rises. Struggle. Emptiness. Poverty. Diversity. Togetherness. Pride. Callousness. Conning. Opportunities. Simplicity. Confidence. Vulnerability. Sincerity. Coldhearted. Generous.

So much is bundled into this one city. I am just beginning to unravel it.

Ek durr se aati hai, Pass aa ke palatati hai

Ek rah akeli si, rukti hai na chalati hai


4 thoughts on “Life in a Metro..

  1. Very interesting and new outlook. Different and refreshing.

    Why don’t you try doing a travelogue? You could just start of but taking pictures from your moving bus or just a day out somewhere because I see you draw your inspiration from the memory of the travel as well as a photograph to stir the imagination.

    I would really like to read that.

    Your Critic and Fan

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