Getting what you want is sometimes so deluding. Spend like a lifetime fretting over it making random wishes and hoping for a miracle. And when it does happen,feel no thing. Just striking numbness. Was the anticipation more alluring than the realisation?

Have you ever stood under the shower and shut your ears, listening only to the sound of water splattering against your scalp? No other sound but of water trickling down your face, the fading racket of anger, anxiety, disappointment…fading.. fading into oblivion? If not the shower, just drowning  yourself in the tub or swimming pool or just a bucket (like in Dev D). Its such a wonderful feeling of freedom and power and control. You are there. Right there. Yet away. The desperate voices try in vain to claw into you but can’t because you’ve cut out their tormenting presence from your senses.


Aaankhon kah hai dhoka

Aisa tera pyaar

Tera emotional attyachar

You bitch!

This post is edited.


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