Today’s Guilt Quotient

Tired of acknowledging her own feelings.

Rob me of all my senses. Don’t want to feel anymore.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Guilt Quotient

  1. Blankspaces! I’m so happy to see you back. Where have you been?

    I mean, one cryptic line and you vanish? Made me wonder what happened. And I had no means to ask you.

    Anyway, how are things? How be you?

  2. Hey Footloose Doll

    Yeah…somehow just wanted to comeback to this place. Takes a lot of effort to put all the randomness into some sense. So was away.

    But just had to today.

    Cryptic? yeah. Thats how best it is left. Cryptic. Grown too tired of explaining. Let things be cryptic now :)

    I want to keep writing hopefully. You can add me on gmail.
    If not here we will talk there :)

    And yeah…i didnt miss reading ur posts though :)

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