Damn technology

Cant believe it. I lost around 400 messages…YET AGAIN!! Something just went wrong with my phone. Conked off all of a sudden and then poof..when i turn it on again…only 22 saved messages of the whole folder of approximately 400 messages saved of S. Damn technology!!! Not just this…now the internet access too is crippled. Everytime i try to open a browser..it says..invalid web settings. Can this be happening really??? First, i lose my earlier phone..where i had some really amazing message saved of S. Messages that i kept revisiting everytime he got too busy or too angry to reply. There too it was a collection of 410 messages. Turns out that its a jinxed number. The moment the count reaches anything 400 ….tada…i get stung by the wrath of the evil.

WHAT!!?! I cant believe this..all the messages are gone. Especially now that we both have gone our separate ways..shoot that was the only way i could slowly and gradually get over him..i.e. on my terms.When i am ready for the eventual act of letting go. Not like this..a forced shut down of all emotions. Ok ok i am pathetic..i know it doesnt work like this..so what if i tried a couple of times earlier..and may be with desperate unsuccesful attempts to get over him…but this time i would have sure been less of a dork and really really buried him deep down the Moving – on alley. But..damn those were in total 800 really intimate, sometimes happy sometimes angry messages!!!

So how does it work? Are we allowed to keep their messages and still try to move on and forget them? Looks like it doesnt work that way…hmm…so may be god took upon him to kick some sense into my dimwitted head and just corrupt my phone and kill all those messages.

Btw, i have 4 really special messages salvaged of that 22 that apparently dint get deleted. That can be enough to get me through. OH OHKAYYY!!! I am going to stop being such a scornful, pitiable, pathetic loser!


Still…Damn technology!!!  Ouch :(


2 thoughts on “Damn technology

  1. I was wondering why I don’t see you often on gtalk now.

    I don’t know how it works either. What to do with the letters and cards? The messages are sometimes deleted in a fit of fury, and later regretted for a long time. Deleting the number is absolutely no help because it has been by-heart-ed anyway.

  2. @ Footloose Doll

    Yes…done that too..deleted stuff in a fit of rage but again I choose to do that so somehow feel better when the control lies with me and have less reason to crib. This involuntary distancing is really annoying..I am just in a bad sulking mode right now. …and deleting the number? Trust me..if ever there were a way to revive people from the dead and it were to happen to me..his number would be the only thing that would be recollected with ease…:D

    And yeah..i do come online, but yeah..not for long. sometimes just log in and log out.

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