Wah – huh?

Its so funny. Human emotions are so unpredictable and unfathomable. S and I spoke yday. And finally decided that we do need to go over whatever is left unanswered or unsaid. So that we can call it quits. And first time in so many days i slept a peaceful sleep with an even more unbelievable smile on my face. Is something wrong here? Shouldn’t I be sulking and feeling utterly heartbroken about losing him? But here I am sort of content at finally clearing things out and falling out with a clean break.


Listening to: Thank you – Dido

Ironically, wishfully symbolic?



2 thoughts on “Wah – huh?

  1. It’s called closure, and it’s extremely important when a relationship ends. I’m happy you’re getting it. :)

    Love and hugs

  2. @ Kashika

    Trust me, the sleepless nights spent pondering over the possibilities..guess its time to put the speculation of possibilities to rest and get real answers.

    thanks for the hugs :)
    I love hugs!!!

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