This post was written yesterday, published once, pulled out and now republished.


Gorging Mocca Mousse chunks from Fantasie. One of the best range of centered chocolates suiting my preference of bitter coffee.Recently discovered this nice little chocolate heaven around Marine Lines. Delectable range of chocolates. I am going cocoa shopping again.
Went to the alumni meet of my MBA institute yesterday. Met up old friends, batch mates, profs. Not a very indulging affair.
Was working on Sat because of a training programme. I didn’t have much to do but to check on the arrangements. Spent the entire day reading in the office library at the HO while supervising the training programme at intervals. I love the library. Superb view from the ceiling to floor glass windows opening out to the dockyard.
Thought of giving up blogging. Nothing unusual. Just one of those usual phases of boredom. I think I am going to continue this time for a fairly longer period than the last time.

Want the people of earth away from me for sometime. May be me, my MP3 player, few books, movies and a lot of, loooot of silence will be the perfect survival kit.

I want to turn back time to three years ago when I was uninhibited, sure and clear in my head.
Doing the Masakali dance :D
Laughed my head off while watching the Dandiya Task at roadies. Oouuuchhhhhhh!!!!!!! :D

I began reading The Minster’s Wife by Amaresh Misra. So far a very average book with a very average treatment on an equally average subject.


Listening to: O..Saya (Slumdong Millionaire)

Like the sudden rush of energy that comes listening to the song. Slow ascension in the beats like the swift labouring wheels of a local train. Cliched, but symbolic of the maddening pace of the  tireless lives in Mumbai.


A Million Little Pieces

Some books can really hold you, captivate you, just keep you enthralled. And every time I read a book that takes me away from where I am, I feel some sort of sadness when it comes to an end. It triggers a feeling of losing something. Such books just stay with you for more than the content but also because of the many ways in which they weave a web of familiarity around them. Through their characters and their lives and their experiences.




Evoke happiness.


Evoke horror.






I am left with only three pages before I could finish A Million Little Pieces and for some strange reason, I am in love with this character James Frey who is also the author. The book is a true story about a 23 yr old guy who is an addict and into severe substance abuse. The story is about his life at the rehab, his struggle, his confrontation with the self, self-destruction, the mistakes, remorse, his desperate need to belong, to be loved, to be free. I loved the brutality, honesty, vulnerability in the language. Hard-hitting, shredding, up in your face depiction.  Its painful and depressing yet so fulfilling and optimistic.

I am yet to finish the book. Don’t know how it concludes but hope its a happy end. Want him to be happy finally. After losing over and over . Want to see him happy. I like happy endings :)

A sentiment from the book talks about holding on. Holding on in difficult times. When one feels that there is no way out, its important to hold on. Hold on. And not give up.

Hold on.


So now that I have read the book and know the end, perhaps it was the right way to close. But it did leave me with a bittersweet feeling. If you have read the book you know it and if you haven’t, then I don’t want to ruin it for you. It will otherwise douse the intensity of the whole book.  Its worth one read for sure.


Yesterday when I went to Crossword I came across the book and thought would buy it (had borrowed it from a colleague to read). But when I went through the author James Frey’s note in the reprint I changed my mind. I felt cheated in some sort of way. There had been a controversy over the authenticity of certain facts in the book which James did agree to have been exaggerated. Wasn’t happy to know that. It was disappointing. I can’t discount the entire book but its just that it leaves you disappointed. Yeah, plain disappointed. However, will still recommend it for one read.