Damn right Murphy’s Law!

So here  I am. Finally reached. What a journey. Looks I wasn’t meant to come back. Mum and me were supposed to take the sleeper bus at 9 pm. The boarding point is hardly 10 mins away if the roads are sans any traffic. However we left around 8.25.  Hardly 100 m out of the complex gate and my sister called me to  tell me i forgot to take one bag. So there, waited for her to come with the bag. 10 mins gone. In the meanwhile was desperately trying to find a rick but mumbai rickwallas are sometimes so snooty…nobody wants to go cuz its a short distance. Damn RTO..doesnt keep a tab on these hooligans…after being refused by some 8 rickwallas i finally find one. Time? 8.45 pm. And suddenly i realised I had to withdraw money from the ATM..so there goes another 5 mins. Finally we make our way to the boarding point. Just so that we could avoid the long signal, told the rickwalla to take the rick from over the flyover avoiding that signal. But forgot to tell him to take from underneath the next flyover as had to take a U turn from the signal underneath that flyover. So what happens? Well, not taking the right flyover can cause serious wastage of time in mumbai cuz you would end up getting stuck for a long time at the signals. Yeah yeah..so what happens? Well we went over the flyover, which means we had to cover a significant distance before we got to take a U turn. Ofcourse, i didnt miss looking at the watch. Time: 8.58. Hyperventilating, i call up the booking agent to ask him if the bus has come. That moron says its still 10 mins for the bus to come. I close the call and immediately get my sister’s call. Her no was given for the booking, so, she calls me that the bus has arrived at the stop and the bus coordinator is yelling at her for keeping the bus waiting. Considering the mumbai traffic i had assumed that the bus won’t be bang on time but, like its the Murphy’s law, if anything has to go wrong it will. We finally get to take the U turn but not before we got stuck at another signal (the very same from where we had to take the earlier U turn). Time: 9.10. After a wait of 5 mins, the signal clears and we make our way. We reach the stop and relieved board the bus only after the bus coordinator gave us the nastiest look ever.

Anyway, relieved that we could get the bus we move ahead to find our booth. As i move ahead, i felt something falling off my bag. I turn around and see, its my hair brush. I pick it up and offload my bag to put it in and much to my horror i realise that my bag of toiletries has fallen off. Where? i don’t know. Too tired to overreact I settle down to drink some water. I open my bag, dump everything out but can’t find the bottle. Already at my wits end, i fling my bag across and just lie down. After about an hour or so when i felt too bored, i reached for my laptop bag. Opened it only to find the bottle in there. Amused at my forgetfulness, have some water and look for the data card then. And what happens? yes what else..i can’t find it! So scavenged through the bag but no luck. Shit scared and ready to scream, i call up my sister to ask her if i left the data card on the computer table, to which she said no. (btw, surviving without internet in this city would be like life imprisonment, hence my shit scared reaction). Absolutely unsure of where i left the data card, i grab my bag to get the neck pillow. And while i pulled the neck pillow out off came the data card…

I still don’t know when did i put it in that bag instead of the laptop bag. Finally after a while i went off to sleep only to wake up around 7.30 to a yelling gujju man, asking the bus coordinator why the bus is late. The bus was scheduled to reach at 6 but we finally reached around 8. After we reach made a straight dash to the pathology lab for a blood test for tomorrow’s session. And darn the smell of spirit. Washed off all the happy feelings of being in mumbai and on came the realisation that I am bloody sick!!! Arrghhh…hate the smell of spirit. Makes me nauseous.

Anyhow…going for a movie tonight with my cousin. Kites it is. Not so excited about it but thought might as well, before i get home-ridden due to tomorrow’s session’s side effects for the next 9 days.

Phew!! And i feel tired and sleepy now.

Oh missed another mishap…looks i have misplaced my ipod too. Couldn’t find it anywhere :(


And it comes… and it goes

Doesn’t feel like its already a week. Time to go back. The past one week was by far the best 7 days of living in mumbai. Never ever did i miss the city so much like i did this time. Ofcourse my love for the city aint a new thing but this time it was different.

From the time i step foot outside my apartment on 19th March till the time i entered it again on 15th May…a lot has happened and changed. Yet there was no sign of trouble fitting into the surroundings. Felt the same when I opened the refrigerator to get my bottle of chilled water from my favourite white and green bottle, felt the same holding the remote sitting in my favourite sofa seat, felt the same when i cuddled up into my favourite blue and beige quilt, felt the same when i opened my wardrobe to see my formal clothes, felt the same when i looked outside my bedroom window at the playing kids in the complex, the familiar feel of banging the lift door in a certain way or it wont close, ohh felt the same when i opened the shoe stand to see my pairs of heels, the beige, white and black flats, the skimmers, the converses. Totally felt the same when saw my vodka bottle at the same level i left it last, the book shelf and the stacked books. Oh it was all the way it was.

Going back to work was no different either. The familar ride on that 34 km long stretch. The same shops, intersections, traffic signals (yeah traffic signals can be an important part of a mumbaiites life) and the traffic, how can i miss that. The walk into the office gate, past the security, into the reception, I walked in just as i used to like everyday. Greeted I at the reception, took a look at the scroll and the advert running on it, opened the glass door to the hallway just as i used to everyday, walked through the hallway onto my desk with the same pace and comfort. My desk..the same stick on notes, the same Santa (yeah i have a Santa on my desk), the huge files, the flat screen LCD, MY swivel chair, adjusted at the SAME level, all my colleagues…oh could there be a better welcome . Such a warm reception.

I miss all of this so much. I need all the strength to get past another 3 months of away time. Going thorugh the physical pain of the treatment isnt so much of a challenge as is the ache to go through all of it away from these little, mundane yet indispensible moments.

Life in a Metro..

Is mod se jaate hain

Kuch susta kadam rastein

Kuch tez kadam rahein

Empty streets of Mumbai in the night

A late night drive on the streets of Mumbai brings out the wanderer in me. All I want to do is sit absorbed and enthralled – body & soul into nowhere. A yearning to drift into a strange periphery of promises, fulfillment and opportunities. A drive in your car or in a taxi, nothing compares to the swelling sense of freedom and wander lust. I belong to the para military background and have travelled far and wide. Hence, could never fathom of falling in love with any one place in particular. I may have memories and sweet nothings to think of from those various places but never did I feel that I would miss any city as I miss Mumbai whenever I get myself packed to a lesser diverse city. I still like to believe that I am way above the city and its temptations. Yet I crave for a sense of belonging and acceptance from this city. Feel a sort of affinity that comes from the sheer presence of the comfort in the discomfort while wading through a routine day. Like the many other first times, I never thought I’ll write a post on the city and its magnificence. But here I am, really genuinely putting disconnected words together about my experience. So guess I am becoming a Mumbaikar in the true sense. Agreeing to the fact that, The one who lives in Mumbai can’t live anywhere else and those who live outside Mumbai can’t live here.

No this post is not inspired by the luster of Slumdog Millionaire but, a late night drive from a party made me realise how happy a moment is the drive down the brightly lit streets. Refusing to tire or sleep. Awake and running into length.

Glamour. Moolah. High-rises. Struggle. Emptiness. Poverty. Diversity. Togetherness. Pride. Callousness. Conning. Opportunities. Simplicity. Confidence. Vulnerability. Sincerity. Coldhearted. Generous.

So much is bundled into this one city. I am just beginning to unravel it.

Ek durr se aati hai, Pass aa ke palatati hai

Ek rah akeli si, rukti hai na chalati hai