Damn right Murphy’s Law!

So here  I am. Finally reached. What a journey. Looks I wasn’t meant to come back. Mum and me were supposed to take the sleeper bus at 9 pm. The boarding point is hardly 10 mins away if the roads are sans any traffic. However we left around 8.25.  Hardly 100 m out of the complex gate and my sister called me to  tell me i forgot to take one bag. So there, waited for her to come with the bag. 10 mins gone. In the meanwhile was desperately trying to find a rick but mumbai rickwallas are sometimes so snooty…nobody wants to go cuz its a short distance. Damn RTO..doesnt keep a tab on these hooligans…after being refused by some 8 rickwallas i finally find one. Time? 8.45 pm. And suddenly i realised I had to withdraw money from the ATM..so there goes another 5 mins. Finally we make our way to the boarding point. Just so that we could avoid the long signal, told the rickwalla to take the rick from over the flyover avoiding that signal. But forgot to tell him to take from underneath the next flyover as had to take a U turn from the signal underneath that flyover. So what happens? Well, not taking the right flyover can cause serious wastage of time in mumbai cuz you would end up getting stuck for a long time at the signals. Yeah yeah..so what happens? Well we went over the flyover, which means we had to cover a significant distance before we got to take a U turn. Ofcourse, i didnt miss looking at the watch. Time: 8.58. Hyperventilating, i call up the booking agent to ask him if the bus has come. That moron says its still 10 mins for the bus to come. I close the call and immediately get my sister’s call. Her no was given for the booking, so, she calls me that the bus has arrived at the stop and the bus coordinator is yelling at her for keeping the bus waiting. Considering the mumbai traffic i had assumed that the bus won’t be bang on time but, like its the Murphy’s law, if anything has to go wrong it will. We finally get to take the U turn but not before we got stuck at another signal (the very same from where we had to take the earlier U turn). Time: 9.10. After a wait of 5 mins, the signal clears and we make our way. We reach the stop and relieved board the bus only after the bus coordinator gave us the nastiest look ever.

Anyway, relieved that we could get the bus we move ahead to find our booth. As i move ahead, i felt something falling off my bag. I turn around and see, its my hair brush. I pick it up and offload my bag to put it in and much to my horror i realise that my bag of toiletries has fallen off. Where? i don’t know. Too tired to overreact I settle down to drink some water. I open my bag, dump everything out but can’t find the bottle. Already at my wits end, i fling my bag across and just lie down. After about an hour or so when i felt too bored, i reached for my laptop bag. Opened it only to find the bottle in there. Amused at my forgetfulness, have some water and look for the data card then. And what happens? yes what else..i can’t find it! So scavenged through the bag but no luck. Shit scared and ready to scream, i call up my sister to ask her if i left the data card on the computer table, to which she said no. (btw, surviving without internet in this city would be like life imprisonment, hence my shit scared reaction). Absolutely unsure of where i left the data card, i grab my bag to get the neck pillow. And while i pulled the neck pillow out off came the data card…

I still don’t know when did i put it in that bag instead of the laptop bag. Finally after a while i went off to sleep only to wake up around 7.30 to a yelling gujju man, asking the bus coordinator why the bus is late. The bus was scheduled to reach at 6 but we finally reached around 8. After we reach made a straight dash to the pathology lab for a blood test for tomorrow’s session. And darn the smell of spirit. Washed off all the happy feelings of being in mumbai and on came the realisation that I am bloody sick!!! Arrghhh…hate the smell of spirit. Makes me nauseous.

Anyhow…going for a movie tonight with my cousin. Kites it is. Not so excited about it but thought might as well, before i get home-ridden due to tomorrow’s session’s side effects for the next 9 days.

Phew!! And i feel tired and sleepy now.

Oh missed another mishap…looks i have misplaced my ipod too. Couldn’t find it anywhere :(


Damn technology

Cant believe it. I lost around 400 messages…YET AGAIN!! Something just went wrong with my phone. Conked off all of a sudden and then poof..when i turn it on again…only 22 saved messages of the whole folder of approximately 400 messages saved of S. Damn technology!!! Not just this…now the internet access too is crippled. Everytime i try to open a browser..it says..invalid web settings. Can this be happening really??? First, i lose my earlier phone..where i had some really amazing message saved of S. Messages that i kept revisiting everytime he got too busy or too angry to reply. There too it was a collection of 410 messages. Turns out that its a jinxed number. The moment the count reaches anything 400 ….tada…i get stung by the wrath of the evil.

WHAT!!?! I cant believe this..all the messages are gone. Especially now that we both have gone our separate ways..shoot that was the only way i could slowly and gradually get over him..i.e. on my terms.When i am ready for the eventual act of letting go. Not like this..a forced shut down of all emotions. Ok ok i am pathetic..i know it doesnt work like this..so what if i tried a couple of times earlier..and may be with desperate unsuccesful attempts to get over him…but this time i would have sure been less of a dork and really really buried him deep down the Moving – on alley. But..damn those were in total 800 really intimate, sometimes happy sometimes angry messages!!!

So how does it work? Are we allowed to keep their messages and still try to move on and forget them? Looks like it doesnt work that way…hmm…so may be god took upon him to kick some sense into my dimwitted head and just corrupt my phone and kill all those messages.

Btw, i have 4 really special messages salvaged of that 22 that apparently dint get deleted. That can be enough to get me through. OH OHKAYYY!!! I am going to stop being such a scornful, pitiable, pathetic loser!


Still…Damn technology!!!  Ouch :(

Gone in 60 seconds…

Happy and high-spirited while listening to Yeh Zindagi Bhi from Luck By Chance…

Thinking of leaving early from work…

A rundown in the mind about the meeting with the new super super boss…

A quick fall back on the Law of Attraction from Secret…

Planning to call up a friend to meet…

Planning to watch Dev D…

A rundown on pending investment declarations…

Sudden urge to switch to  Payaliya from Dev D…

Another sudden urge to go for a smoke…RIGHT NOW…

…this is what constituted one of the many rushed one minutes today.

Samjhane se kab mana hai

Dekho karta zid hai yeh dil

Chune hain taare ise

Chahiye saare ise.


I miss my baby. My cute little, stubborn, cranky, silly, adorable baby. Muuuuuauaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Risky. But will endure it.


Listening to: Phas Gaya (Aamir),  Behind Blue Eyes ( Pearl Jam)

No one bites back as hard
On their anger
None of my pain and woe
Can show through


When my fist clenches, crack it open
Before I use it and lose my cool
When I smile, tell me some bad news
Before I laugh and act like a fool


How convenient it would be if there was a gadget/software that could convert thoughts to text just like the speech to text software. Unlike the earlier few unsuccessful attempts at blogging, this time I really missed blogging and seeing a new post supercede the stale I-love-my-phone one. It was some sort of a hiatus, a break from myself.  Had been surviving on borrowed words,thoughts and wisdom since I last posted. So everytime I had a eureka moment or an idea for a post crossed my mind, I would itch to quickly type it out before I lost the feel of it. But most of the times I ended up posting nothing because the task of getting the laptop out of the shelf, plugging in the LAN, switching it on, logging in and then finally beginning to type didn’t seem so elusive. I wasn’t ready to hold on to the itch longer. Precisely because felt totally uninspired and a sudden dawn of inspiration went down instantly. However painstakingly it had decided to come.

World Wide Web

I love my phone. I love my phone. I love my phone.

Suddenly I have begun to notice the amazing things it can do for me. Its been almost 7 months since I got the black, slider N 81. Apart from the weighty issues and the good-for-nothing-but-only-outdoor-pics 2 megapixel camera, I suppose its a great phone to have. Dedicated music keys, brilliant N-gage gaming platform, Nokia Maps and the recently discovered internet browsing. Ok so may be I was a tad late to discover the power of internet browsing on the phone but what the heck!! Come on, I never felt particularly proud of my technical prowess anyway. So what different will it be this time.

So with a sudden realisation that the phone is a sophisticated gadget and a crazed curiosity (which seemed under wraps for the past 7 months) I began fidgeting with the applications in the phone and voila!! There it was. The familiar colours of Google sitting pretty on the screen. :) Is it just me or everyone feels a juvenile sense of excitement at the prospect of getting to surf, blog and chat on the phone at the very surge of impulse and without having to struggle with the almost defunct laptop???

So the first thing I did was to do a test run with a search on Google, then visiting the blog and then logging into Gmail. I was all smiles throughout. Really, its a very superwoman sort of a feeling when you can make use of gadgets AND really make use of it for its features and not just possess it. I tried clicking pictures of the phone with my blog page open. But that didn’t turn out to be very clear. Have posted it anyway.

My phone with my blog page

My phone with my blog page

Oh but yes, I do run the risk of a fat phone bill for all the convenience and techy indulgence. Never mind. I am the super cool techy woman :D Can you see me grinning with the grin extending all the way to my ears?? :D

Oh btw.. I just saw a colleague in some real Jhatang clothes (u know the bhaiya type fashion from UP kind of clothing).Light blue trousers (No not jeans. Trousers!!!) with a dark grey glossy shirt with white floral prints. What a ghastly combination. I am no authority on fashion. Sometimes I have had my faux pas moments too but dude… floral shiny shirt??? For work???On a light blue trouser??? Are we auditioning for OSO or going for a crazy themed party? I think he needs some serious training on business attire.


The Minister’s Wife is a horrid book. A sort of  weak literary adaptation of a sleazy movie.

Getting back to the to do list for today.


This post was written yesterday, published once, pulled out and now republished.


Gorging Mocca Mousse chunks from Fantasie. One of the best range of centered chocolates suiting my preference of bitter coffee.Recently discovered this nice little chocolate heaven around Marine Lines. Delectable range of chocolates. I am going cocoa shopping again.
Went to the alumni meet of my MBA institute yesterday. Met up old friends, batch mates, profs. Not a very indulging affair.
Was working on Sat because of a training programme. I didn’t have much to do but to check on the arrangements. Spent the entire day reading in the office library at the HO while supervising the training programme at intervals. I love the library. Superb view from the ceiling to floor glass windows opening out to the dockyard.
Thought of giving up blogging. Nothing unusual. Just one of those usual phases of boredom. I think I am going to continue this time for a fairly longer period than the last time.

Want the people of earth away from me for sometime. May be me, my MP3 player, few books, movies and a lot of, loooot of silence will be the perfect survival kit.

I want to turn back time to three years ago when I was uninhibited, sure and clear in my head.
Doing the Masakali dance :D
Laughed my head off while watching the Dandiya Task at roadies. Oouuuchhhhhhh!!!!!!! :D

I began reading The Minster’s Wife by Amaresh Misra. So far a very average book with a very average treatment on an equally average subject.


Listening to: O..Saya (Slumdong Millionaire)

Like the sudden rush of energy that comes listening to the song. Slow ascension in the beats like the swift labouring wheels of a local train. Cliched, but symbolic of the maddening pace of the  tireless lives in Mumbai.